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Before and After Pictures from Delaware County
Concrete Porch Repair in Sunbury

Concrete Porch Repair in Sunbury

Before After
Concrete Porch Repair in Sunbury Concrete Porch Repair in Sunbury

Concrete porch was sinking causing a larger step into the house. SmartLevel lifted and leveled the porch with PolyLevel.

Sunken Steps in Galena

Sunken Steps in Galena

Before After
Sunken Steps in Galena Sunken Steps in Galena

Fronts steps were sinking, SmartLevel lifted the steps with PolyLevel and sealed with NexusPro. 

Concrete stairs PolyLevel job in Lewis Center, OH

Concrete stairs PolyLevel job in Lewis Center, OH

Before After
Concrete stairs PolyLevel job in Lewis Center, OH Concrete stairs PolyLevel job in Lewis Center, OH

Lifting of concrete steps on a back patio, using PolyLevel foam. 

Concrete Repair Specialists Serving Delaware County, OH

Professional concrete repair company proudly serving Delaware County, OH

Your concrete leaves a lasting impression on visitors to your home, and cracked concrete can severely impact the curb appeal of your home. Luckily, SmartLevel is Delaware County, OH’s reliable provider of concrete repair services, including cracked concrete repair and concrete leveling. The experts here at SmartLevel are committed to efficiency, dependability, and high quality. Our contractors will leave your concrete smooth and pristine. Check out our efficient concrete repair services below!

Say goodbye to cracked, unsightly concrete when you partner with SmartLevel. Contact us today at 1-844-841-4550 or complete the provided form to schedule your free concrete repair estimate. We are thrilled to serve Delaware County, OH.

Delaware County, OH’s trusted concrete leveling & lifting specialists

Sinking, sagging, uneven concrete comes with a variety of issues. Among these is the issue of aesthetic value. Uneven concrete seriously decreases the curb appeal and aesthetic appeal of your property. Even worse than that, sinking concrete poses a tripping hazard to you and anyone who steps foot on your property. Damaged concrete can result in harm to you and your guests. Fortunately, SmartLevel is equipped with the perfect solution: PolyLevel. This polyurethane injection will restore your concrete with minimal downtime, meaning that you can get back to enjoying your property in no time at all.

Rely on SmartLevel for your concrete repair needs. We provide the state-of-the-art solutions you require. Give us a call at 1-844-841-4550 or simply click below to schedule your free concrete repair estimate in Delaware County, OH!

Job Stories From Delaware County, OH
Curran Point Drive

Homeowner was dissatisfied with the cracks in their driveway which affected their curb appeal. Homeowner knew that if they did not correct this problem they would continue to see the cracks worsen and possibly see more extensive damage to their driveway if it was not fixed. In addition, the homeowners porch was sinking into the ground and causing a trip hazard when entering their home. SmartLevel Concrete was able to come in and fix the problems this homeowner was facing. We installed NexusPro into the cracks on the driveway, sealing them from having any future debris enter into the cracks and cause more damage to the driveway. Then we injected the PolyLevel foam into the porch to raise it up to its original height and prevent any further tripping hazards. 

Curran Point Drive - Photo 1Curran Point Drive - Photo 2Curran Point Drive - Photo 3Curran Point Drive - Photo 4
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